Our  services

Adware offers a variety of services and facilities coming to different types of businesses and industries.
Among the services offered we have 4 business units: IT Consulting, Application Development and Software Solutions, Technical Support, Computer Security.
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IT consulting

We conduct audits and diagnostics to know the current state of their IT structure. So, together, we can make the best decisions before a strut improving technological processes in your company need.
Before any new requirements provide comprehensive advice for the development of different projects in terms of communications, infrastructure, networks, equipment, systems management and data backup.
• Survey and Analysis of the customer's infrastructure looking for areas of improvement.
• Implementation of continuous improvement processes.
• Training implemented projects.
• Application of Standards and IT procedures.
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Applications development
and solutions Software

• Development solutions.
• Application Integration.
• Software development platforms as Mobile.
• Data migration.
• Social Networks integration.
• Development and Implementation of Systems:
    - Customer Management. CRM (Customer Relationship Management).
    - Human resources management.
    - Comprehensive management. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).
    - Digital Billboard Management CMS (Content Management System).
    - Vendor Management. SCM (Supply Change Management).
    - VOIP telephony stations.
    - Management CMDB (Configuration Management Database).
    - Inventory management.
    - System Monitoring. (Nagios)
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Technical support

• Administration of Windows servers, Linux / Unix.
• Computer Management Communications switches, routers, firewalls.
• telecommunications management internally and with suppliers.
• Administration of user terminals.
• Dimensioning for new installations.
• Adjustments performance on technology platforms.

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Informatic security

• Comprehensive management of computer security.
• Safety Assessment and analysis of internal controls.
• Definition, implementation and review of policies, procedures and standards.
• Consulting and development of Business Continuity Plans and Disaster Recovery Plans (BCP and DRP partners).
• Audit.
• Penetration Test.
• Securing environments.
• Vulnerability Analysis, Vulnerability Assessment.